Gig Posters

alt-J// For this poster I responded to the song "In Cold Blood" off alt'J's new album, specifically the line that describes a girl's back slapping the surface of a pool.
alt-J// This was the second poster I made for alt-J for their performance at Outside Lands 2017. I wanted to capture the psychedelic style of the Summer of Love which took place at Golden Gate Park, all while sticking to the same color scheme I established with their first poster.
Wolf Alice Poster// I chose to respond to Wolf Alice's song "Bros" which describes the friendship the lead singer has. For the poster, I chose explore the idea behind "best friends forever" and what happens to friendships after death.
Glass Animals// This poster was a response to the band's sophomore album, "How To Be a Human Being", an album in which each song connects to the last in a fluid and intertwining manner. I wanted to capture this fluidity in the poster through the use of connecting and organic lines.
The Orwells// This was a poster requested by the Ace of Spades. Being familiar with their music, I wanted to try something different with their poster. I decided to create a story behind one line in their song "Black Francis", which is written out on the poster.
Jai Wolf// This poster was inspired by the artist's Indian heritage which is prominent in his music, yet overall techno style. I chose to represent this specific merging of heritage and sound by depicting a geometric version of the Hindu festival Holi.
Wolf Alice// This was a poster I made in response to Wolf Alice's song "Don't Delete the Kisses". The song has a light-hearted, mystical feel to it. The song is a love song that in parts describes the love developing over text. I wanted to capture all these aspects of the song in this poster.
The Lemon Twigs// The band The Lemon Twigs were playing a Halloween show in San Francisco. I took the opportunity to attempt to combine The Lemon Twigs' classic rock style with something playful for Halloween. The result was a classic psychedelic rock poster featuring the bride of Frankenstein.
Moondrops// This was a poster requested by local Bay Area bands for a concert happening in San Ramon. The event was called "San Ramon Summer of Love" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the San Francisco Summer of Love. The bands requested a classic psychedelic rock poster with bright colors.
DNCE// This was a poster requested by Live Nation for the Ace of Spades venue in Sacramento, CA. Prior to creating this poster, I had not listened to the band. After researching their overall aesthetic, I found that DNCE was a band that celebrated pop culture. I ended up pulling colors from one of their music videos, and compiling popular dance images to create this poster.
Cold War Kids// This is a poster requested by the Ace of Spades. I researched the bands most recent music, pulling colors from their album art and inspiration from their song "Love is Mystical".
The Kills// This was a poster designed for the band The Kills for a contest put on by the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. The poster is based off the lyrics from their song, "Doing It To Death".
Foals// This poster was designed in response to the band's newest album "What Went Down", and specifically the songs "Knife in the Ocean" and "Snake Oil".
Dirty Heads//This was a poster requested by Live Nation for the Ace of Spades venue in Sacramento, CA. After listening to the Dirty Head's music, I discovered they had a strong aesthetic that was rough yet fluid. I wanted to capture that sound by making the poster fluid by drawing octopus tentacles and rough by making the poster look old and textured. 
Cycledelic 1// The city of Davis put on a bicycle scavenger hunt for the citizens, which was named Cycledelic to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and the creation of the first ever bike lane in America. I was asked to make three commemorative posters to be handed out at the event. This was the first of three.
Cycledelic 2//
Cycledelic 3//
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